April 24, 2019

About Us

When you see a gap between where you are today and where you want to be, it’s time, to hire a professional.  When dealing with challenges regardless of their domain: business results, personal growth, or wealth accumulation – it doesn’t matter.  Going it alone doesn’t work as well as having the support and guidance of a professional coach.   Since it’s essentially impossible to explain how coaching works.  We think a free coaching session is the best way to experience first-hand, the value you’d get from coaching.

You’ll just have to experience it.  Our first coaching session is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and is intended to verify that we are a great fit to work together.After spending 25 years working with and around entrepreneurs what I’ve learned is CEOs, Founders, and Investors want ideas and tools that can be implemented quickly to improve business results. With a positive ROI.

James Rohrbach is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a dual degree in Finance and Management, Minor in Economics. Mr. Rohrbach is a former Investment Banker, serial entrepreneur, consultant, and trusted coach.

  • Coaches Training Institute (CTI)  – Fundamentals
  • Coaches Training Institute (CTI)  – Fulfillment
  • Narrative Coach – Certified Core & Enhanced Practitioner
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach
  • A graduate of MIT Open CourseWare-Behavioral Economics
  • A graduate of MIT Open CourseWare-Customer behavior
  • Certified Facilitator Kauffman Foundation’s’ Fastrac programs
  • Certified Program Director for Kauffman Foundation’s’ Fastrac programs

James’s real strength is the strategic ability to open doors for others, serving as a conduit for new opportunities and growth by—connecting people and ideas -domestically, and globally.


  • Increase the value of your business
  • Alignment of vision for all leadership and employees
  • Get your leadership team on the same page
  • Cultivate and negotiate strategic mindset and vision
  • Reduce conflicts and political infighting
  • Separate your business from your competition
  • Dominate your market
  • Make your business the apparent buyers’ choice
  • Develop compelling offers that build your brand
  • Manage personal and business relationships better
  • Command higher prices and generate greater profits
  • Receive your very own customized roadmap for success
  • Improve hiring and recruiting
  • Improve your sales process
  • Develop future partners and leaders
  • Plan for succession or exit